"John Flynn is the real deal. His work follows in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Kris Kristofferson, and other social justice troubadours as he speaks the truth and gives a voice to society’s disenfranchised. His work fills your heart and opens your eyes as he continues to walk the walk of a true advocate for equality, justice, and peace."
-- Deana McCloud, Executive Director, Woody Guthrie Center


John Flynn's songwriting carries a wide open heart -- they are both fierce and tender. Think Cat Stevens ... with a bit mor folk rock and edge.
--Mary Sue Twohy, SiriusXM


"John Flynn is a searcher, a seeker after justice, after truth telling, after forgiveness, after mercy. That’s the name of his latest album—“Mercy.” He sings with a voice that bears witness to a life’s journey toward that place we all yearn for—the place of inner peace. John has benefitted from the friendship and mentoring of Kris Kristofferson, another seeker, who has given the devil a run for his money and come out smiling. With this album John Flynn acknowledges Kris’s influence and continues his own journey, inviting us to join him in discovering the power of mercy, of “sweet forgiveness” in our lives. Take him up on his invitation, listen to the songs and discover it for yourself." 

-- Jim Rooney


"Nothing makes me cling to hope more than a song from rabble rouser do-gooder John Flynn." --Kathy O'Connell, WXPN


"The only reason John Flynn doesn’t have half a dozen songs in Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Alan Lomax’s book Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People is that when they started writing, John hadn’t even been born yet.  But he’s a worthy heir to the tradition and to the commitments Seeger, Lomax and Guthrie represent.  John can hit hard, but he does it with humanity, heart and often humor.  When he follows a powerful ballad about the tough lives of prisoners with a children’s song  about “duck doo” on your pickup truck, it’s hard not to imagine Pete, Woody and Alan smiling and singing along." 
-- Si Kahn

John Flynn

John Flynn

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Trust the Rope
with Boulder story intro.

Recorded at the Old Town School of Music in Chicago, IL


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This Used To Be A Country

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She Persisted
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