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America's Waiting CD  Lyric Sheet

the advice  minnie lou 
ain't this the life   my brother ricky's for sale  
A Manatee Sneezed on Me    my father's cathedral
america's waiting my mom's mini van    
annabel lee nicholas the t-rex   
a fishy song  no more war (peace is the answer)
as she goes   not with my Jesus 
a wild rose only one 
azizullah paint your money black  
back in my baby's arms  passunder (new orleans)
backstage with the devil peaceful warrior
bells of mercy the price
benediction  prison bible
between the states put your freedom
where your mouth is  
big fish (in a little bowl) this used to be a country
blink the reason
the day a mouse got in
my father?s pants 
reggie?s question  (what?s in a name) 
cages popcorn   
chicken house querencia 
the circle of love she persisted
ghost of a chance       sail away
don't send me no e-mail semper fi
dover sing me on my way
the duck song song of friends
gerda standing ovation
eighteen years stranger in a strange land
electric candles sunflower
emily  susie queen of e-mail
fat naked angels  sweat angels
full circle that's what friends do
gerda the cure
go wake a heart the dreams of an old man

the song of my becoming

hard box of time the web & the feather
  there?s no them there
hey vicente   the bug
hope sleeps thin air 
hound dog years this old  town
if i only had a spine three blank pages 
i like bugs   trust the rope
i?m the decider two letters   
i've been waiting for you   vintage 
the jesse tree      when I throw stones
jesus calmed the waters when the angels aren't there
just_like_Merl_Haggard_said wonderful boy
i will not fear    
let in the song  
life is hard   
long live willie    
love takes a whole box of crayons  

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