Get Your Dog Off My Leg

I’m only gonna say this once
I don’t intend to plead or beg
I like pet’s but fun is fun
Get your dog off my leg

Fido should be on a leash
Instead of having his own way
With every shapely gam he sees
Get your dog off my leg

You’d think that natural selection
Would select more naturally
But your mutt’s placing his affection
Where it shouldn’t ought to be

This is gonna be a switch
|But contrary to what they say
Sometimes life is not a bitch
Get your dog off my leg
Don’t give me that wounded pout

Don’t sing that stain removal song
Baking soda gets it out
But not before he gets it on
You know I don’t like to kick
To bellyache or to complain
But I have got a bone to pick
Get your dog off my leg


Flying Stone Music

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