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Nicholas the T-Rex

My boy Nicholas is only three
But he knows what he wants to be
When he grows up he'll snarl and roar
The king of all the dinosaurs

T-Rex, T-Rex 
He makes no bones or pretext
What he wants to be next
Is Nicholas the T-Rex

As he assumes his T-Rex stance
He makes peace signs with both his hands
Curls his fingers into claws
Bends his knees and snaps his jaws

T-Rex, T-Rex he'll get a little respect
By standing semi-erect
He's Nicholas the T-Rex

He imagines eating trees
As he devours brocholies
When his meat is tough or porous
He pretends its ankylosaurus

It's tough to be the littlest
To be told when to eat and rest
What to do and what to say
And never have things your own way
And so it isn't all that strange
That someone just three years and change
Would rather rule the way Rex did
In that Cretaceous period

T-Rex, T-Rex
From Timbuktu to Teaneck
They’ll grant his every request
He’s Nicholas the T-Rex

T-Rex, T-Rex
He’ll test your flight reflex
The vocation he selects
He's Nicholas the T-Rex

1994 Flying Stone Music



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