Wonderful Boy

Wonderful boy is fast asleep
But worries fill my head
I check his room and find he's kicked
His covers off his bed
I sneak his blankets over him
His teddy bear wakes up
No scary dreams tonight says bear
No nightmares for such a wonderful boy
What troubles you tonight says bear
Why do you worry so
The wonderful boy is safe and sound
Is there something bear should know
No I says bear some sleepless nights
Come with being a dad
I used to worry anyway
I just worry more since we had the wonderful boy

Do I spend enough time with him bear
He's such a little guy
His mom and I both have to work
Does he understand why
Well when it comes to time says bear
Nobody has enough
I do know this says bear to me
He knows that you both love the wonderful boy

Bear I says are there things he'll need
That I won't even see
When he's in trouble will he know that he can come to me
I know he's only four years old
How those four years went by
Tell him I’ll do the best I can
To be a good dad to my wonderful boy

Bear says to me got get some sleep
I'll stay here with the boy
You shouldn't walk around all night
Talking to old stuffed toys
I'm his best friend and I’ll tell you
If there is something wrong
If it will help get your guitar
And write him a little song called wonderful boy

1991 Flying Stone Music



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