I've Been Waiting For You            
(a Song for Ethan James Flynn)
 by John Flynn

From the first moment I saw you
I knew that you were the one
Here in my heart I have searched for a life time
And now that life timeís begun
Form the first moment I held you
Here in these trembling arms \
I knew that Iíd give the rest of my days
Just to love you and keep you from harm


Iíve been waiting for you
Iíve been waiting fir you
Seems like the better part of forever
Is the one weíve just come to
Iíve been waiting for you

Thereís so much I want you to tell me
Now that you're finally here
Why does your name always sound just like music
When I whisper it in your ear
Thereís so much I donít know about you
I never will understand
How you rap me around your little finger
When you hold mine in your hand


And I wrote you this song
To tell you how happy I am and how longÖ


© Flying Stone Music