"18 sides, Live recording with a simple production which doesn't get in the way of the great story songs. 
                                                                             - radiocountry.org

The album features the songs:

The Ballad of Ruby C.
Susie Queen of E-Mail
The Wild Blue Beyond Her
Hard Box of Time
Annabel Lee
Fat Naked Angels
The Price 
Between the States
That's What Friends Do
Electric Candles
Get Your Dog Off My Leg
Long Lost Friend

To The Point also contains an unlisted studio track,  " I WILL NOT FEAR"which was inspired by the emotional response of 40,000 people at Veteran's Stadium to John's rendition of God Bless America at the  Phillies/Braves game the week that major league baseball resumed play following September 11th.  The song that Kris Kristofferson calls " an anthem" was literally inspired in Pennsylvania, recorded in New York City and mastered in Washington, DC  in the anxious days that followed the terrorist attacks on our country.

This recording of "I WILL NOT FEAR" is also being offered for free through this web site.  Simply click on the Special Download link below.

I Will Not Fear

"John Flynn isn't the only artist I admire that my kids discovered on their own. But there are similarities between him and the others. Two of the best writers I ever knew - Roger Miller and Shel Silverstein - had, in common with John, fertile imaginations, a Shakespearean love of words, and the ability to see funny things with a child's eyes. Their art, like John Prine's, is a wonderful combination of humor and heart that can move kids and grownups to laughter, tears, or both.

"To the Point" is evidence of the artist's continued growth. This inspired original work, from the strong stories like Hard Box of Time and Electric Candles to perfect expressions of love like That's What Friends Do and Long Lost Friend. The truth is in the details; the gifts are an ear for accurate dialogue, an eye for powerful imagery and anything funny, and a heart open to surprises and the possibilities of moving the emotions.

   John Flynn is one of a special breed of good-hearted artists whose reaction to the Human Condition finds kind, humorous expression. God bless them."

            - Kris Kristofferson

Songwriter's Monthly January 2002