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a POST Card from John Flynn

at the Philly Folk FestÖ

October 19, 2014

Hi Friends,

Iím flying over the Rocky Mountains with a John Denver song stuck in my head. (Itís a long way from L.A. to DenverÖ)

Spent the last several days and nights pummeling my circadian rhythm into submission at the Far West Folk Alliance convention. I got a wonderful reception at my showcase appearance in Oakland and really enjoyed the response the songs from my new CD Poor Manís Diamonds received; especially the one about the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize! (I wonít need to expend much breath introducing that song anymore)! I love that the gun toting theo-thugs who shot this brave young woman will fade to ignominy or worse while Malala Yousafzai and what she has come to stand for will shine all the brighter for their inhumanity. Weíve all gotten used to being patient, but itís good for the human family, and oh so sweet, when Dr. Kingís ďarc of the universeĒ bends a little quicker than usual towards real justice.

By the way if youíd like a friend to hear Kris and me sing Malala, you can find and share the recording on You Tube here:
(Iím trying to get them to correct the spelling of Krisís name)!

In other news, Sirius XM Satellite Radio devoted an hour-long ďliveĒ program to my music this month! The program is called The Bridge and you can stream my appearance for free with a trial subscription at this link: . My thanks to host and folk DJ extraordinaire, Mary Sue Twohy, for this amazing opportunity to share my music with (quite literally) the world!

Got a busy week aheadÖ

Tuesday morning and Thursday evening Iíll be at Gander Hill prison with my guys. The road used to prevent my New Beginnings group from meeting with any real continuity, but Iím so lucky to have attracted wonderful volunteers like Sandy Stefanowicz, Frank Hoffmann, Julie Devine, Rev. Reggie Jackson, and (when heís in our neck of the woods) my singer-songwriter pal Reggie Harris to keep the work going in my absence. Iíve also got a terrific team who join me each Sunday afternoon to work with our post-release brothers. Great people like Jean Toy, Mary Starkweather-White, Pat Rafter, Tonya Hocker, Tom Gallagher and Cruce Stark make it impossible for me to drop the ball!

All of these folks bring something unique and powerful to the work of helping men transition successfully from prison to productive lives as fathers, husbands, employees and neighbors! ďBe bold and mighty forces will come to your aidĒ? You bet they have!!!

If youíre not too far from Wilmington, Delaware and you have any interest in joining our growing team of volunteers as a possible group co-facilitator or mentor (OR contributing financially to the important work of New Beginnings-Next Step), please write me through my web siteís email address.

This Wednesday afternoon I get to help my friend Helen Leicht and WXPN kick off their wonderful Musicians on Call program at Christiana Careís Wilmington Hospital.

There are always lots of terrific smiles at these events, especially after the VIPs unplug the microphones and we get to tour the facility and visit with (and sing to) some of the patients! I feel very blessed to be a long-standing member of a truly generous musical community!

This Friday Iíll be returning to the Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA! This is being billed as an album release event so thereís no opening act scheduled. That means I get to sing more of my songs and go a bit deeper into my catalogue. Really looking forward to this show!!!

Saturday Iím doing a private show for some folks who used to come out and see me in my bar-singing days (Should be interestingÖ I hope I remember some of those old songs)!

Then next weekend, Iím doing a great house concert up in Westfield, NJ. Aftrwards, I head back out to the Midwest for a week of shows.

You can check out my schedule and all my upcoming shows here:

Thanks for your continuing support of my work and my music!



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