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a POST Card from John Flynn

New Beginnings-Next Step has just launched a Community Clothes Closet, which operates from 3:30-4:30 PM every Saturday at 401 N. West St., Wilmington, DE, 19801.


Hi Friends,

I’m writing for two reasons. One is to let you know about some upcoming gigs. The other is to ask for help with my ongoing work with prisoners and Returning Citizens.

First the music stuff… I’ll be in Asheville, NC this Friday night, and then in Vero Beach, FL next week for several performances. Check out my web page for information–


World Café Live

We had a GREAT turnout for my recent Philly gig! Thanks to all those who made it out to the show!

Aside from recording, one of the big reasons I’ve been absent from the road so much this winter has been my ever-deepening involvement with my prison and post-release programs, New Beginnings, and New Beginnings-Next Step. Our groups, both inside and outside the walls, have been growing as more men are joining us in the hope of breaking the cycle of recidivism that has cast such a shadow of hopelessness over so many lives.

When inmates leave our in-prison support groups and join us on the street, New Beginnings-Next Step provides basic transition assistance in the form of weekly bus passes and grocery store food cards. We also occasionally help, if the coffers allow, with emergency housing assistance, and one-time “moving forward grants” to assist guys in various ways. Several men have used these grants to obtain used lap-tops to help them attend community college; one man got his highway flagger’s certification; another was able to buy a bed; one man even purchased, with our help, a used industrial floor polisher, and started a business, which now hires other Returning Citizens.

Aside from- and more important than- the basic material assistance we try to offer, New Beginnings-Next Step creates community among those who are resolved to live successful lives, free, and forever clear of incarceration.  Our motto is “Up To Staying Free”, (although “Out Like Flynn” has been suggested!)

Although we have, over the last few years, managed to assemble a small but mighty group of dedicated and skilled facilitators, our prisoners and Returning Citizens themselves do all the real heavy lifting in our weekly support groups.  These men share courageously from their own dreams, regrets, and hard-won wisdom, in order to help each other navigate the trials and temptations on the treacherous journey from the prison pod to the street.  I constantly watch with real joy as the powerful effect of this sharing benefits both the giver and the receiver; allowing men to glimpse- often for the first time in their lives– their own deep worth as they truly and profoundly help to lift each other, providing real strength and hope. This process is always inspiring, and one of my volunteers recently told me that he always leaves group feeling stronger than when he arrived.

A vital benefit of New Beginnings membership is growing self-awareness. Just this past Sunday afternoon, a young man shared that he recently had gotten so discouraged with his inability to find employment since leaving prison that he felt his attitude seriously deteriorating. He was so full of frustration and hopelessness that he was tempted to abandon his new plans, and resume old ways. (In group we call this getting a case of the “F  –its” as the guys insist on trying to curb the habit profanity, especially in the presence of our women volunteers.) In the past, the young man stated, these feelings would have resulted in a decision to make a quick $500 on the street by “picking up a package”.  Instead of going back to hustling, however, the young man decided to pick up a phone and talk things out with another one of our returning members. Twelve-step programs have sponsors. New Beginnings seems to have the jail version of this, which would translate into cellmates, or “cellies”. Talking to his New Beginnings “celly”, and getting to our weekend meeting, allowed the young man to literally break a link between unexamined emotion and reaction that had always cost him his freedom. Through a new self-awareness, the young man told us he was able to make better decisions this time. He was able to ride out the emotional storm as old patterns were rejected in favor of new choices. He smiled as he said these things. One decision at a time to do the “next right thing”.  That’s how lives really change.

One exciting new project NB-NS has recently embarked on is our community clothing closet, which provides gently used clothes in one of Wilmington, Delaware’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. The clothes closet serves important additional purposes as it allows those of our guys who are struggling to find work to buttress their resumes by volunteering, while raising self-esteem by giving back to the community. If you’re in the Delaware area, and would like to donate clothes, just email me for info.


OK… now the big news!


To aid in supporting us in this important work, some wonderful friends of mine have served up a generous challenge. They’ve offered to donate $5000 to New Beginning-Next Step on the condition that we can match their donation by raising the same amount. (Having just run a four hour marathon at age 58, you know I don’t back down from challenges!)

To this end I am offering to do series of special New Beginnings House Concerts this year, in which I will donate 50% of my profits to New Beginnings-Next Step. If you have any interest in hosting me for such a fund raising event in your home, please contact me through my webpage.

Or, if you would like to directly support me in this work, you can write a check to New Beginnings-Next Step, and mail it to: Pacem in Terris, 410 N. West St, Wilmington, DE, 19801.  All donations are tax deductable.

Thanks for all your help and friendship! I hope to see you out there sometime soon!



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