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a POST Card from John Flynn

Singing at my friend’s little girl’s pre-school in Tulsa…
(Photo by Johnny Buschardt)

My shows in Oklahoma last week were a joy! Thanks to my buddy, Johnny B. for helping me put the little tour together! I met so many new folks! Made lots of new friends (according to the many new names on my emailing list)!

I was especially touched by folks’ reactions to some of the brand new songs I was breaking in on the road. (I’ll share one of the new lyrics below).

Though the three shows in Tulsa were great (four if you count the morning visit to my Johnny’s daughters pre-school), I really booked them as an excuse to be out there over the weekend and catch one of the greatest live bills I’m ever likely to see. My friend Kris Kristofferson was appearing last Saturday in a place called Thackerville, OK, with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard! Kris has slowed down his touring considerably these days, so it was a very special chance to hang out with my pal, and hear some of the greatest songs ever likely to be written, by men whose faces could arguably be carved on any Mount Rushmore of Country Music.

The view of Mount Rushmore from backstage….

In the last year or so, Kris has been very forthcoming about his courageous and (to my eyes) grace-filled struggle with memory challenges. He explained to me sometime back that most of the great spiritual teachers advise us to live in the present moment. He laughed when he said, “These days I have no choice!”

I wrote this song for my friend….

Backstage with the Devil        by John Flynn

Backstage with the devil that he beat so long ago
Wondering if there were still hard feelings
It never gets no easier for a man to save his soul
But it had been a while since they had dealings
The devil said you really dodged a bullet there, Old Son
I thought you were just another dreamer
There ain't many now days who could do what you have done
Besides as I get older I got meaner

The old man’s eyes grew narrow
As he stroked his beard of gray
Then he picked up his guitar
And he began to play

The devil said the price of following the heart’s too steep
His laughter sounded just like rolling thunder
As he said dreams of mortal men are purchased on the cheap
Their birthrights sold for promises of comfort
The devil said I tried so hard to buy that soul from you
When I came bearing money, fame and pleasure
Somehow you picked my pockets and still found ways to be true
To the songs and freedom that you treasure

The old man’s eyes were bluer
Than the tunes he loved to hum
As he looked down at his guitar
And he began to strum

On top of that the devil said you made it tough for me
To strike up deals with those in desperation
Your maddening three chord parables of human dignity
Spoiled several of my negotiations
In the end not one single soul gets out of here alive
The devil hissed as they parted the curtains
The old man laughed because he could not remember a time
When of a lie he’d ever been more certain

The old man looked like someone
Who was less than half his age
When he strapped on his guitar
And strode out on the stage

© 2015 Flying Stone Music

I’ll be playing Backstage with the Devil (and a lot of other really good songs!) at some of the upcoming gigs listed below.

Here’s hoping I’ll see you somewhere soon!

Good on you,

Upcoming Shows…

Sunday, April 12
3 pm: Honesdale, PA - RiverFolk Concerts

Friday, April 17
7pm: Orland Park IL: Public Library "Showcase" Concert Series

Saturday, April 18
8pm:Grand Rapids, MI - Grand River Folk Arts Society

Sunday, April 19
7pm:Gurnee, IL - Lake County Folk Club

Thursday, April 23
7pm: Hudson, MI: Celebrate Hudson free concert

Friday, April 24
8pm: Ann Arbor, MI - GreenWood Coffeehouse Series

Saturday, May 9
8pm: Warren, RI, Church Street Coffeehouse

Sunday, May 10
10am: Bridgeport, CT: United Congregational Church Service

Thursday, May 14
Lansdowne,PA: Folk Club - Flynn Family Concert!

Saturday, May 16
Private Event

Saturday, May 23
5pm: Allentown, PA: Folk Festival (Cafe Stage) at Mayfair Festival of the Arts

You can follow John on twitter @singwriter

© Flying Stone Music

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