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a POST Card from John Flynn

September 19, 2014

Hi Friends,

The photo above was taken during a house concert in Wilmington this past summer. My show had been “auctioned off” to help raise money for Pacem in Terris of Delaware. I love the picture because it really captures what it is I get to do. It also shows the kind of intimate, warm and joyous venue I regularly get to play as I travel across this country.

My promotional instincts don’t always opt for such stark authenticity.

The photos folks like me regularly share with you are often a little more conventionally impressive…. Shots of grip and grins with famous folks, selfies in front of striking backdrops, or concert shots on grander stages in front of large audiences. I’ve sure sent you my share over the years!

And have counted my blessings for the exciting opportunities and memories)! But these pictures – though treasured­ and valid– mostly captured wonderful exceptions in the topography of the landscape an old road-singer like me traverses as he shares his songs in the world.

A recent review of my new CD, Poor Man’s Diamonds, got me thinking about all this…

Here are a few kind words from Country Standard Time:

“Like Kris Kristofferson - a friend, collaborator and obvious mentor - as well as John Prine, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Paxton and others of that ilk, Flynn expresses himself as something akin to an old school troubadour, one who's rugged, relentless and unafraid to offer certain truths gleaned from that worldly wisdom….

The review then goes on to point out…

“Regrettably, Flynn is the sort of artist that often waits a lifetime to find a wider world of acceptance, even though that's clearly his due. He'll likely pick up one fan at a time despite touring and recording relentlessly in hopes of attracting greater notice. It's fortunate that he remains undeterred because when it comes to qualities like honesty and integrity, it would be a far sadder world that might find them in short supply”.

One fan at a time. One friend at a time. Actually that sounds OK to me. That’s what’s happening in the picture above. Not so regrettable at all! (That is after all probably how I got your email address!;)

But about that whole waiting a lifetime thing though?

I wonder if we could speed up the process just a little.

There was this shampoo commercial when I was a kid where a lady with a head full of lather told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on… (It was my first introduction to the concept of geometric growth).

I guess what I’m getting at is this. I was wondering if you’d be willing to help spread the word about my music. Please tell some friends. Share a lyric, an mp3, or youtube link with someone who’s never heard of me! Maybe even drag a neighbor out to a show!

More than any folksinger I know, I’ve appeared in front of the most diverse kinds of audiences. Military bases, folk festivals, hospitals, church services, colleges, pre-schools, bars, prisons, summer camps, state parks … And to me there was never really that much difference in any of these audiences. They were all just people I would get a chance to sing for and share my music with. All colors. All ages…

And I made new friends every time! If you’d be willing to do to introduce me to a couple of yours, I’d be grateful!

I’m doing a couple local shows before I head for California in October.

Sunday, September 21, (THIS WEEKEND!)
I’ve just been added to the Open Space Music Fest , at Bellevue State Park here in Wilmington, DE.

This show is being staged to raise awareness and to help fund the effort to stop developers from destroying the wildlife refuge that straddles the border Delaware and Pennsylvania. If you’ve ever run or hiked the beautiful trails and hills of the Beaver Valley, as I have, then you know the meadows and woods along the Brandywine River are an irreplaceable treasure! Come out hear some amazing bands and songwriters (including our friend Johnny Gallagher from Aaron Sorkin’s hit HBO show The Newsroom, and my daughter Sarah)!

Also, I’ll be doing another one of those wonderful house concerts out near Lancaster in Lititz, PA on September 27th. There’s info on the schedule page of my web site:

See you in someone’s living room! J



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