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a POST Card from John Flynn


Hi Friends,

I hope you had a great summer! As you can see below, Iíve been having a wonderful timeÖ

Above: This pic will explain, better than I ever could, why I return to play each summer at Camp Dreamcatcher. a therapeutic camp for kids dealing with HIV/AIDS. (Iím almost in the shot on the leftÖ)

Below: I also had the honor of acting as one of the MCís for this yearís Philadelphia Folk Festival! Hereís a shot of me introducing Parker MilsapÖ

I just returned from North Carolina where I did some shows with Hidden Voices, featuring the words of men sentenced to die in prison.
Hereís a little article from UNCís paper, The Daily Tar Heel--

One of the Carolina shows was to have been an appearance on Central Prisonís Death Row. It was cancelled several days prior to the event due to the prisonís apparent concerns about my promotion of, and association with, activist causes. Although I was extremely disappointed by this, I must admit that I had harbored some questions about what songs I could play to 148 men sentenced to die. I shared my misgivings with my friend Lisa Kristofferson and she pointed me towards the humanity enshrined in Merle Haggardís classic song-- Sing Me Back Home. Although Merleís lyrics about a condemned manís last walk probably wouldnít have been appropriate (or even possible for me to pull off without surrendering to emotion) the advice yielded a new song that will be included on the new CD. Here are the lyrics--

Just like Merle Haggard Said (Sing Me Back Home) by John Flynn

Hey mister singer-man, sing me a song
Though I havenít been there in so very long
My soul can fly over walls made of stone
If youíll lift your voice, Sir, and sing me back home

Sing me a song bout a place in the sun
Where men can be more than the worst things theyíve done
And only God numbers their days or their bones
Please mister singer-man, sing me back home

Deep in my heart, sir, I have to believe
What Iíve done ain't all that there is to me
But if Iím just my story, then, mister, please sing
Not just one awful verse, but the whole god damned thing

Sometimes in my dreams I can almost recall
A time when my heart knew no pain at all
When nights held no fear, and my days held no shame
Singer-man, please sing me back there again

Please sing me back to a place and a time
Before my life was much more than a crime
Back to the laughter and love I have known
Please mister singer-man, sing me back home

Deep in my heart, sir, I try to believe
That my life is more than history
But if Iím just my story, then, mister, please sing
Not just one awful verse, but the whole god damned thing

Hey mister singer-man, sing me a song
I know what Iíve done with my life is wrong
My body is shackled no more shall I roam
Please mister singer-man, sing me back home

Just like Merle Haggard said in that old songÖ
Just like olí Merle said, please sing me back home

© Flying Stone Music

Iím getting ready to hit the road again. Some upcoming shows are listed below. Hope to see you out there!


JF Gigs:

Sunday, September 20
2:30pm: Middleboro, MA, Joe Davies Folk Festival

Wednesday, September 23
Rhinebeck, NY, Omega Institute, 7PM

Friday, September 25
West Los Angeles, CA: House Concert, 8 PM, email for info-

Saturday, September 26
Pasadena CA: Pasadena Folk Music Society, 8PM

Thursday, October 15
Kansas City, MO: House Concert, email for info --

Friday, October 16
Saint Louis, MO: House Concert, email for info --

Saturday, October 17
Tulsa, OK: Woody Guthrie Center, John will be on a panel discussing the film "Greenwich Village, The Music that Defined a Generation"

Sunday, October 18
Tulsa, OK: The Guthrie Green, The Woody Guthrie Center

You can follow John on twitter @singwriter

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