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January 31, 2017

With my three of my kids and my producer/guitarist Harvey at the Sellersville Theater


Hi Friends,

Thanks to all who came out to Sellersville for our big holiday extravaganza! We raised a bunch of money for Camp Dreamcatcher and, with the help of quite a few talented friends, played a lot of great music! I'd especially like to thank Harvey and Hurricane Hoss for donating their entire pay for the evening to Dreamcatcher. (Michael Ronstadt tried to, but we wouldn't let him since he had driven 10 hours to perform for us!)

I have a couple shows coming up that I wanted to let you know about. This Saturday evening I'll be out near State College, PA at the Acoustic Brew Coffeehouse―

And on February 18th, I'll be at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square PA with my daughter Sarah.―

More info on these and other shows at-

Now, some thoughts...

Righteous anger in the face of bigotry, intolerance, and injustice aimed at the most vulnerable among us is nothing to apologize for. And if you know me at all, you know that I will not be silent in the days to come. (Nor, I'm sure if you’ve supported with my music over the years, will many of you!) Still, as emotions continue to rise, and our country becomes increasingly―perhaps even intentionally― polarized. I thought I'd share a story.

A heavily tatted gangbanger was doing a long stretch in Gander Hill when he began attending our New Beginnings meetings. He had heard about us on the tier and wondered if we could help him deal with a debilitating amount of hostility he felt towards his "baby mamma" over ongoing custody issues having to do with his son. (The self-awareness he demonstrated in this still impresses me!) Initially his reticence to at least try to adopt more respectful tones or language when speaking of his son's mom, earned him warnings from our guys that he might not ready for what it is we were trying to accomplish. As one of the guys put it, the angry man didn't seem to be committed to new beginnings as much as he did to old endings. The angry man asked to be permitted to continue attending our group, and remained silent for many weeks, simply trying to absorb what the other prisoners talked about. Then, one day, he proudly announced that he'd actually tried to put into practice some of what he'd been learning. During a particularly frustrating phone call in which he was denied a chance to even speak to his little boy, he told his son's mother―who was shouting at him on the receiver―that he knew he was responsible for a lot of the pain in her life and apologized for it. He also said he'd forgiven her for how much she had hurt him in the past, and hoped they could work together going forward to make the best decisions for their son. He said she began to cry and didn't know what to say in response. His expression had a genuinely childlike and somewhat astonished quality as he turned to me and said, "It was the only time I EVER got the last word in a conversation with her! I wish someone had told me about this before! This forgiveness stuff F--ks people UP!

Might be a lesson we'd all do well to keep handy...



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