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Hi Friends,

We had a wonderful trip out west and made a lot of new friends at the Stateline Retreat show in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Beth and I took a couple days to see the sights and drove out to Arizona. The breathtaking beauty we witnessed and the friendliness of the people we met did a lot to restore my hope, and strengthen my resolve to keep standing up for the things I believe in.

To that end, Iíd like to share the recording of my new song, ďThis Used to Be a CountryĒ which you can stream or download for free at If you like it I hope youíll pass it on to someone you like. (And to paraphrase my old buddy Ed Williames, if you donít like it ó please play it for someone youíre not so fond of and make them sit through it!)

This was a very quickly done recording project. My thanks goes out to my producer, Harvey, who put his week on hold to record, mix and play everything but my Martin D-28 on the track. Thereís a lot of love in this song. And some anger.

Next Thursday, December 22, Iíll doing a very special show at the Sellersville Theater.

Appearing with me will be Harvey (aka, Harvey In the Morning!), Michael Ronstadt, Hurricane Hoss, Joshua Yudkin and some of my kids (for some reason the exact number of them has been harder to confirm than Dylanís appearance at the awards ceremony in Stockholm!)

As with all my holiday shows over past 20 years, all proceeds from the evening (after paying my guest musicians and the theater) will be donated to Camp Dreamcatcher, a therapeutic summer camp for kids dealing with HIV/AIDS ( I know itís a busy time of year, but need your help to make this evening a success. Plus it is the only time this year Iíll be doing my (soon to be) yuletide classic, ďChristmas BallsĒ--

My thanks to WXPN for supporting this event!

I wish you and your loved ones all the love and joy of the holiday season! Hope to see you soon!



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