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a POST Card from John Flynn

Up in the air, Junior BirdmenÖ


A belated Happy New Year fellow travelers!

Iíll be coming in for a landing in a rare Philly concert on January 30th at the World Cafť Live:

And doing a kids show in the beautiful mansion at Bellevue State Park in Delaware the following afternoon on Jan 31st:

Iíll also be playing a house concert in Millburn NJ on Saturday Feb 6th. You can find out about that show by sending an email to

The recording is going great! Although the album is comprised of mostly my own songs, Iím especially excited to be doing a couple covers of tunes that have always meant a lot to me. One of them is of Kris Kristoffersonís, timeless classic Help Me Make It Through The Night. I recorded Krisís masterpiece as a duet with his incredibly talented daughter Kelly Kristofferson. (I told Kelly that I thought we were the first to tackle Help Me Make It as a duet, but she informed me that her dad had performed it with Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show. Talk about setting the bar high!!) Anyway I just got a rough mix of the track, and Iím really proud of it! I think Kellyís gentle and guileless interpretation of her popís iconic lyrics is both unique and beautiful! I canít wait to share it with you all!

I guess Iím a little old school about my recordings, in that Iíve shied away from all that crowd-sourcing kick start stuff. Truly the best way you can support my work is help spread the word about my songs, or come out to one of my shows! Thatís really the lifeblood of any ďsonger-singwriterĒ.

In other news, our New Beginnings, and New Beginnings-Next Step groups are growing rapidly as weíve now brought our weekly meetings into a second Delaware correctional institution. Along our twice-weekly meetings at Gander Hill Prison, we are now gathering each week at The Plummer Center. Plummer is a work-release facility where men are generally short term and much closer to the fears, anxieties and temptations of the street. Itís only been a couple months, but so far our presence there seems to be proving a valuable bridge to a successful transition process. With the addition of guys from Plummer, plus spreading word on the street, we are seeing many new faces at our Next Step group for Returning Citizens each Sunday in Wilmington.

So far, Iíve never really directly solicited donations for my guys, but have often been amazed to find that friends Iíve made through my music have reached out to help. (I received a check in the mail just this morning that will insure our ability to help our transitioning guys with bus passes and grocery store gift cards well into the New Year!)

Our latest project will be a New Beginnings Clothes Closet that the guys will staff as volunteers, to help distribute free gently-used clothing to the community. I will let you know where you can send or drop off donated clothing in the very near future. We are also planning a workshop to train new volunteer facilitators so we can accommodate the requests for more meetings. If you have any questions or would like to help us out with a gift of money or your precious time, please feel free to contact me by responding to this email.

Hope to see you soon!

Peace and good on you,


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