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September 6, 2016

Hi Friends,

In a business where success is mostly measured by numbers of tickets or CDs sold, validation can sometimes be hard to come by. That’s why this extremely generous endorsement of my new album by a true legend of the folk music world meant so much to me this week:

John Flynn is a searcher, a seeker after justice, after truth telling, after forgiveness, after mercy. That’s the name of his latest album—“Mercy.” He sings with a voice that bears witness to a life’s journey toward that place we all yearn for—the place of inner peace. John has benefited from the friendship and mentoring of Kris Kristofferson, another seeker, who has given the devil a run for his money and come out smiling. With this album John Flynn acknowledges Kris’s influence and continues his own journey, inviting us to join him in discovering the power of mercy, of “sweet forgiveness” in our lives. Take him up on his invitation, listen to the songs and discover it for yourself. --Jim Rooney

Thank you all for continuing to support my work and spread the word about my songs!

I’ll be in East Bridgewater, MA this Saturday to do a special concert and help dedicate the town’s new 9/11 memorial:

I’ll also be sharing some of my songs at the First Parish Church (Unitarian Universalist) of Quincy, MA the following Sunday morning.

Later this month I’ll be in Alexandria, VA with my buddy
Josh White Jr. :

Hope to see you soon!



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