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a POST Card from John Flynn

With Beth at Yosemite after my California shows...

Howdy Friends!

Hope this autumn and my little note finds you well!

I'm back from my recent wanderings with wonderful memories and a bunch of new friends out west (and out midwest)! Special Thanks to Deana at the Woody Guthrie Center for bringing me into play in Tulsa-- and for allowing me access to the archives where I got to visit for a while with with Woody's journals,  and some of Phil Ochs' as well! Phil's personal phone book was way cool! i was not surprised to find Bob Dylan's number, but was not expecting Mickey Dolenz!

Work with "my guys" continues to go well. The Gander Hill group is growing and I'm taking my New Beginnings group into a new "work-release" prison- The Plummer Center-  this week as well. Our Returning Citizen family  is also expanding. We had twenty-two ex-offenders at out meeting last Sunday. My meager fund-raising efforts during my concerts may not be able to keep up with the demand as we furnish these guys with weekly transition assistance in the form of food vouchers and bus passes. (Thank you so much to all those who've put something in the front pocket of the black backpack I keep with me on stage each night!)  I've had a few of you come forward with greatly appreciated donations in the past year an that has kept us afloat during the times when I'm not on the road. I have seen the impact that we're having in reducing recidivism, so I don't feel there's much of a choice but to move forward and meet the challenge. I may be reaching out to you all more formally seeking your support in the coming year! You can read more about us at out new web site--

My new CD is going really well! Harvey is surpassing himself in the producer's chair and we're drawing from a wider palette of musical textures than we've ever worked with before. (A buddy wrote me last night after hearing a ruff mix of a new song that he'd been expecting a harmonica in the instrumental section and instead was shocked and delighted to find a "Gerry Raftery-esque" sax solo!) And don't worry! For those of you who like the songs stripped down to the heart and bones--there are also some incredibly spare acoustic tunes as well. I really can't wait for you to hear what we're working on, including, not only some of the best songs (I believe) I've ever written, but also a cover of one of my favorite early Beatles tunes (hint: it's a George song) as well as one my my good buddy and hero Kris Kristofferson's, which we're planning to do as a duet with a very special guest artist! More on this later! 

I'm doing a very special Philly-area show this Saturday in Villanova! I know tickets have been going pretty fast but there still may be a few seats left. Information can be found through this link:

And here's an upcoming Delaware area show on the horizon:

BTW, if you check my web page you'll see more and more private gigs listed these days. Some of these are schools, some are corporate events, others are private parties. If you'd like any information about booking me for one of these kinds of gigs, just email or call!

Thanks as always for believing in me -- and my songs!


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