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Crossing the finish line of Sundayís Philadelphia MarathonÖ

Hi Friends,

Iím sitting here by the woodstove with my feet up as I heal up from all the weekend fun (running with 45 mile an hour wind gusts!) Just needed to send out a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came out to the Steel City show this month. I truly appreciated the wonderful turnout! Although I felt bad seeing folks turned away at the door (Well, I felt a little good, as it had been a while since I sold out a show there!)

Lots going onÖ.

Iím doing a show in Newark, DE this weekend, November 26th--

Shortly afterwards, I head out to Las Vegas for a private event/concert. Honestly, itís my first ever gig out there, and Iím using it as a chance to see the Grand Canyon!

Other than this, the last month of the year gives me some needed down time. This will come in handy as my work with New Beginnings-Next Step is taking up more and more of my time. One of the latest ideas Iím kicking around involves getting new or refurbished bicycles to our returning citizens. Last year, I was able to get a ten speed to one of our guys while he was completing his sentence in a work-release facility, and it enabled him to take a job that didnít coincide with any of Wilmingtonís bus schedules. It also helped him drop a couple pounds! Even some of our older guys coming out of prison (who tell me they would have never considered being seen on a bike years ago) have expressed great enthusiasm for this idea. Iím not quite sure what my first moves should be yet, so if you have any bicycle connections, or any thoughts on the subject, please write to me through this email address.

On December 22, Iíll be closing out the yearís performance schedule by doing a ďJohn Flynn and Friends Holiday ShowĒ at the Sellersville Theater. My guests for the evening will include my buddy and producer Harvey (aka, Harvey In the Morning, and recently seen on Nickelodeonís big Double Dare reunion!), Michael Ronstadt, Hurricane Hoss, Joshua Yudkin and my daughter Sarah! As in holiday seasons past (20 years!) this will be a benefit for Camp Dreamcatcher, a therapeutic summer camp for kids dealing with HIV/AIDS
 (  The Sellersville Theater is a much bigger venue than I am normally asked to headline (gulp!) so Iím hoping that youíll make a special effort to join us for this very special show!

I hope you and your loved ones have wonderful Thanksgivings. I am certainly grateful for many blessings, not the least of which is your ongoing encouragement and support in my work!



Ps., Iím going into the studio tomorrow afternoon to lay down tracks to a new song. Here are the lyrics:


This Used To Be A Country by John Flynn

This used to be a country where we cared for one another
Tried to see a weary stranger as a sister or a brother
And the strongest shouldered up the load the for those who werenít as strong
We thought theyíd never turn their backs on this but we were wrong

This used to be a land where the bigotry would hug the shadows
And hide its guise in bed sheets and would always lose the battles
When it reared its spittle spewing face of twisted hate
We werenít always good here but our dreams could make us great

Now their bitter laughter seems to tell another story
In which the aggrieved relieved themselves upon Old Glory
And a vengeful liar raises up a fisted glove
This used to be a country that I loved

And I still do though I'm grieving
I ain't quitting I ain't leaving
Wonít back up, wonít back down
From the fight this I vow

I will sing I will shout
I will call hatred out
And when push comes to shove
Iíll stand up for love

This was a shining city now the bulldozers are here
And in faces all the colors of the rainbow you see fear
While the anger in Godís eye is softened only by a tear
That falls like a star from the sky

Say with me if youíre grieving
I ain't quitting I ain't leaving
Wont back up, wonít back down
From now on this I vow

I will sing I will shout
I will call hatred out
And when push comes to shove
I will stand up for love

This used to be a country
We could be proud of my friends
And I swear to God that it will be again
I pray to God that it will be again

(c) 2016 Flying Stone Music


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