Big Fish (in a little bowl)

Big fish in a little bowl
Talking 'bout the world like you just might know
Something 'bout something that you've never seen
Except for in the pages of a magazine
Big fish in a little bowl
Eating all the fish food you can hold
Always swim in circles so you can't think straight
Someone got to clean up every mess you make

Fat cat in the easy chair
Staring up at you like he don't care
That cat's as mean as he is wide
And he knows time is on his side

Big fish in a little bowl
Making fun of the other fish who rock and roll
Underneath the waves on the deep blue sea
Instead of reading books 'bout oceanography

Big fish with a little soul
You could see beyond the glass walls of your bowl
In the room outside the one you're swimming through
You might find somebody watching out for you

Fat cat's shown the kitchen door
But he got closer this time than he got before
His paw is wet and cold
Big fish you're looking old

Big fish in a little bowl
There's a lot to this life that you can't control
You can learn to see it's more than sink or swim
Or you can go on being what you've always been
A big fish in a little bowl


Flying Stone Music 1993

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