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Thin Air

And if donít swallow what youíre handing me
That just kind of makes us even canít you see
Though you say the things you think I want to hear
Donít expect that Iíll just watch you disappear

Into thin air
Into thin air

I know that your eyes are telling lies to you
And that you donít see yourself the way I do
A woman whoís so beautiful so many ways
Vanishing a little each and every day

Into thin air
Into thin air

Images can twist us to perfection
Leave us nothing but their empty jars
Doubting that the natural selection
Makes you perfect just the way you are

And of all the people in the world itís true
You are still the very best and only you
Have the power to repaint this tattered cloth
Fill your frame with color do not cast it off

Into thin air
Into thin air

© Flying Stone Music



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