Fat Naked Angels 

I must be happy or stupid
Love is so blind I can't see
Why no one be-lieves in Cupid
But fat naked angels and me

I have been struck by the arrow
My skin is clammy and pale
My palms sweat bullets the size of small pouletes
My mouth is as dry as percale

She is my buttercup-duckling
I am her handsome Don Juan
With her my heart beats like a triathlete's
After a triathalon

She sets my head just a spinning
She shakes me up heart and soul
She changes my stations like new triple-"a"s in
My TV set remote control

I am bewitched and bewildered
How could this happen to me
There's no medication like her osculation
Her lips are my sole remedy

So cheer up all you who are lonely
Buck up all you who are blue
Don't you despair bub a corpulent cherub
Could right now be aiming at you

1997 Flying Stone Music



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